Tonkatsu shop memories at Jimbocho

Today I will write about Tonkatsu, pork cutlet made in Jimbocho. You may know about this Tonkatsu shop or not, there was in Jimbocho about two years ago.


I had gone the shop over four times, though I hardly ate out to others, also now I don't. It's so simple dishes on the menu I could eat from, only three or four. Ordinary, most of all restaurants have quite a number of kinds on the menu, so for me selecting from narrowed down dishes beforehand was fresh experience, and at first I could not believe my eyes, 'Is that all there is?' The shop, also, was clean, so quiet like customers didn't permit to utter a word, just gazing at nowhere, tensed atmosphere was wrapping all over air.


As I ordered normal Tonkatsu, always, the cooking started. One man shredded a cabbage rhythmically, using the whole body, with a grin. Over the counter I could hear the sound of it, it was crispy. When I hauled my line of sight into ahead, he was leering me, the eyes said, 'Now I'm cooking. Just hold on quietly, politely.' Ok. I replied in my mind and waited. The other man fried pork. The sound was good, made my mouth water. As clock ticked, Tonkatsu was handed on a counter with the shredded cabbage by the man who did a cabbage. 'There you are.' I ate the Tonkatsu. Tonkatsu was so juicy, hot, gravy was dribbling from Tonkatsu, and crispy. I was keen only on eating. Also I ate the cabbage. Munched, munched, munched. I could not say but it was so delicious!

This was my memories of the Tonkatsu shop.


As time passed, then, the Tonkatsu shop announced the shop was going to go out of business. I was gutted by hearing it. How sad I was… . And decided to get to there before going out of business. One day, and, I got to there, a little bit late, but I guessed I would eat, but it wasn't. No sooner had I opened the shop's door than a cook said, 'Sorry, but get out! It was over.' Bother! It was over, it means the last order ended, although some customers still ate on seats who ordered before the last order. Deep down, I hoped written CLOSED on the door. But for them, they would feel, take a hint, please. So needed to split the difference, I was all right.

Actually this was the last memory I had, to the Tonkatsu shop. Never didn't I go there afterward, and at last the Tonkatsu shop was going out of business.


Although the shop looked like didn't permit to utter a word, also last time, 'get out,' I was said, all the same, I loved the Tonkatsu shop, let alone Tonkatsu was delicious. I cannot forget the Tonkatsu shop in Jimbocho, never ever.