Before ice-creams melt

I bought two ice-creams in the supermarket near my house three months ago, not cool like today. On the way to my home I met 1000 yen, face up. First I hesitated to pick up because I bought ice-creams, needing to hurry up lest it melt. But maybe others would pick up this and use it if I didn't, so I decided to pick up and bring to a police station near my house.


Heading to the police station and reached, but nobody was. I puzzled and thought should go home or wait till a cop comes or put money on the doorstep of police station… I pondered also wandered.

Then 'What are you doing?' asked a cop coming.

' Oh, I picked up this, 1000 yen.'

' Come in.' 

I entered.


'Where is your house?' in the police station inquired the cop.

'There,' sitting on a chair I pointed to my home nearby.

'What's your name?'


'Your age?'

'2-,' I replied.

Not only it but needed to write in a form about same thing, plus how much money I picked up, where I picked up it and what I did and so on. I felt troublesome and checked ice-creams if it began to melt.


I started to write in the form hurriedly and he asked me whether he would give notice of my name to owner if found in that case I can get -% of money or not. I felt taking time of writting and said wouldn't want to because I should… .

I decided to say, 'Actually…here,' took ice-creams from my bag and pointed at it, 'I've got to…' 

'Ooh…ok, I get it,' he said.


I finished writing in the form in a hurry, got to my feet, thanked him for storing money from that time, bade him good bye and scuttled out of there. I reached my house, opened the bag at once, checked ice-creams confirmed it wasn't soggy but a little bit soft.


Fortunately I could eat it peacefully.